Why is MBBS cheap in Russia?
Why is MBBS cheap in Russia?

MBBS in Russia is one of the greatest possibilities for doing MBBS in another country. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students since it offers a high-quality education at a low cost. Russia is the eighth most popular study location for MBBS students from all around the world. Top Russian Medical Universities hold around 30 spots in the World Rankings of Medical Universities.

Russian medical universities have excellent facilities and faculty, and they provide high-quality medical education. The most popular medical course among overseas candidates is MBBS. In Russia, the level of MBBS study is substantially developed and progressed. Most Russian medical colleges now offer MBBS programs in English to international students at relatively low tuition rates. At Russian medical universities more than 15000 Indian students are now studying, the majority of them are enrolled in Medical programs, and the number of students is growing by the year.

To study MBBS in Russia how much does it cost?

The MBBS tuition fee in Russia is not as exorbitant as it is in India, and the cost of renting a room in university dorms is relatively modest, allowing you to save money for a greater spending budget. Because the Russian ruble has the same economic value as the Indian rupee, student living costs remain almost the same. The cost of studying MBBS at a Russian medical university is affordable to the average student.

The Russian government subsidizes MBBS expenses in Russia, making it cheap for Indian students to pursue MBBS in Russia. The averagecost of pursuing MBBS in Russia ranges from 3500 USD = 2,59,000 INR to 7000 USD = 5,18,000 INR per year, which is the lowest charge for MBBS students studying in Abroad. Low MBBS fees and low living costs are attracting an increasing number of Indian candidates to pursue MBBS in Russia.

Russia is one of the greatest destinations in the world to pursue an MBBS degree. Russian medical colleges provide MBBS in Russia at a low cost and with the greatest facilities available to all medical students. Students who intend to study medicine in Russia and have a GPA of at least 50% are eligible to apply for the Scholarship. Russian medical colleges provide MBBS courses at a very low cost.

Why MBBS Cost is Low in Russia

Students can pursue a Low Cost MBBS in Russia at leading Russian medical schools. The annual tuition for medical school in Russia is around $4000 USD. For MBBS students, the cost of living in Russia is relatively inexpensive. Here are some of the benefits of studying medicine in Russia at a low fee:

  • There is no necessity to make a contribution or capitation fee in order to study medicine in Russia.
  • The tuition cost for MBBS in Russia is subsidized by the Russian Education Ministry, making it affordable for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Medical colleges/universities in Russia are accredited by the MCI and WHO, and the degree is recognized internationally.
  • Russian medical colleges/universities have cutting-edge laboratories, a highly qualified medical faculty, and first-rate infrastructure.
  • After passing the MCI screening test, Russian MBBS graduates can practice in India.
  • Admission to Russian medical school is simple and straightforward.

Fees for MBBS in Russia

MBBS tuition in Russian medical school ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 per year. We have included the fee structure of Russian medical universities on this page. Find out everything you need to know about tuition, hostel fees, and other expenditures for MBBS education in Russia.

Who is it appropriate for:

Russia is the most popular location for all prospective medical students due to its world-class medical education and cutting-edge facilities. It is appropriate for any ambitious medical student who want to pursue a low-cost MBBS in Russia, such as:

  • Poor NEET scores can apply for admission to top Russian medical schools because no entrance exam is required.
  • Who desire to become doctors but have a limited budget can obtain direct admission to MBBS in Russia at a minimal cost and ralize their ambition.
  • Desire to learn about various countries’ educational systems may certainly study MBBS in Russia.
  • Who took NEET a couple of years ago but did not score high enough to earn an MBBS seat in India can easily gain admission to Russian medical colleges/universities at a very low cost.


Russia is a developed country on the global scale. Because of the affordable MBBS fees and decent living costs, the majority of Indian students chose to do MBBS in Russia. The leading medical schools in Russia also offer an MBBS programme in English. Candidates who have completed their MBBS in Russia can pursue postgraduate studies. It is always a wonderful experience to travel to Russia to study MBBS.

If you want to follow your medical education in another country, you should first pass the NEET exam and then pick a country, university, and consultants who have already sent students to such prestigious universities; study their testimonials and make an informed decision. If we will compare the drawbacks and benefits of pursuing MBBS in Russia than benefits will always over leads the drawbacks.

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